Frequently asked questions

What is windfall?

Windfall is our patent pending custom built game of skill that can be played for amazing prizes and reward points!

Do you have to pay to play windfall?

Windfall is free to play however you must be 18 or older to claim prizes or rewards.

How do you win in windfall?

The object of windfall is to get the lowest score. The closer you get to matching the winning numbers without going over it the lower your score.

Can I earn reward points for shopping?

Reward points can only be earned by playing windfall.

How are winners chosen?

Winning in windfall is based upon your performance which is displayed on our leaderboard. If you get the lowest score out of everyone you win!

What happens if there is a tie score?

In the event of a tie the earliest entered score will take the lead. Each entry is recorded down to the second and displayed on the leaderboard.

How many times can I play windfall?

Each user is allowed one entry per contest.